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Adalysis – A Powerful Marketing Reporting Tool for Today’s Digital Marketers

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics for Marketing Performance

Adalysis is an all-in-one digital marketing reporting tool that provides robust analytics across SEO, PPC, email, social media, content, and beyond. For modern marketers who need a centralized view of campaign data and insights to optimize efforts, Adalysis delivers.

With Adalysis, you can connect data from all your marketing platforms, consolidate it into customizable reports and dashboards, analyze performance, and identify opportunities.

Some key capabilities that make Adalysis a top marketing reporting tool option include:

Unified Data Hub

Adalysis brings together data from your core marketing channels – Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing, etc. This unified reporting eliminates silos.

Custom Reporting

Build custom reports in Adalysis to focus on the KPIs most important for your business – leads, sales, conversions, ROI, and more. Filter by campaign, channel, segment, or any dimension.

Interactive Visualizations

Easily create charts, graphs, and tables to visualize marketing data. Interactive features let you dig deeper into metrics for insights.

Consolidated Dashboards

Adalysis dashboards give a single pane view of performance across marketing efforts. Monitor real-time results and quickly identify trends.

Scheduled Reporting

Schedule reports and dashboards to automatically run on a recurring basis. Stakeholders get updates delivered regularly via email.

Anomaly Detection

Adalysis uses algorithms to detect anomalies or significant changes in your metrics. This allows for quick identification of issues.

Data Integration

In addition to digital marketing data, Adalysis lets you integrate analytics from CRM, support, financial, and other business systems.

Role-Based Access

You can control data access and reporting capabilities based on user roles. Give your team access to only the data that’s relevant.

Who Can Benefit from Using Adalysis?

With its robust analytics and consolidation capabilities, Adalysis is a great fit for:

  • Agencies – Monitor client accounts and prove campaign value with professional reporting.
  • In-house marketing teams – Centralize analytics across disparate marketing initiatives in one place.
  • Advertisers – Get a unified view of performance for search, social, display, and other digital ads.
  • Content marketers – Track content engagement across website, email, and social.
  • Ecommerce brands – Tie marketing performance to online sales and revenue attribution.
  • B2B marketers – Connect marketing to pipeline and closed deal data for ROI reporting.
  • Mid-market & enterprise – Adalysis scales to handle massive data sets and users for large teams.

Key Features and Capabilities

Adalysis provides a robust feature set to meet the needs of data-driven marketers. Some top capabilities include:

PPC Reporting – In-depth tracking of paid search (Google, Bing) and social ad performance. View metrics like clicks, conversions, CPA, and ROI.

SEO Reporting – Track organic search performance including rankings, traffic, click-through-rate, and more.

Social Media Reporting – Analyze engagement and conversions on networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Email Marketing Analytics – Connect email service provider data to track opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, etc.

Campaign Management – Plan, track, and visualize performance for omnichannel campaigns.

Real-Time Dashboards – Customizable dashboards with metrics updated in real-time.

Data Visualizations – Interactive visuals like charts, graphs, and pivot tables for insights.

Conversion Funnel – Visualize the customer journey across channels from initial touch to conversion.

Campaign ROI – Understand true return on investment by tying campaigns to revenue and pipeline.

Anomaly Detection – AI automatically detects data anomalies and significant metric changes.

Scheduled Reports – Schedule reports and dashboards to run automatically on recurring schedule.

Role-Based Permissions – Control internal user access to only relevant data based on roles.

Pricing and Plans

Adalysis offers simple pricing based on your monthly marketing spend. There are no user limits or contracts.

Monthly SpendMonthly Price
Up to $50k$149
Up to $150k$249
Up to $250k$349
Up to $350k$449
Up to $500k$599
Over $500kContact for custom pricing

Key aspects:

  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited marketing data sources
  • Real-time data sync
  • No long-term contracts

You get full access to Adalysis’ features regardless of your spend, including unlimited reporting, dashboards, scheduled reports, anomaly detection, and more.

Volume discounts are available for annual contracts. 14-day free trials are also offered to evaluate the platform using your own data before purchasing.

For high-spend enterprises, custom packages with additional features, dedicated support, and professional services are available.

With simple pricing scaled to your marketing budget, Adalysis makes powerful marketing analytics accessible for high-growth companies. Sign up risk-free today to experience the platform.

The Verdict on Adalysis

In summary, Adalysis provides a powerful all-in-one marketing reporting tool for today’s data-driven marketers and advertisers. With its ability to consolidate analytics from all channels into centralized reports and dashboards, Adalysis makes it easy to analyze performance and optimize decisions.

Pricing is reasonable given the robust capabilities included. For mid-market and enterprise teams managing an extensive marketing technology stack, Adalysis is worth considering. It delivers enterprise-level analytics without the headaches of more complex BI tools.

If your current reporting stack consists of disjointed spreadsheets and manual processes, Adalysis can provide the cohesion, automation, and insights you need to master modern marketing analytics.